How Things Got Started

Chances are if you found this page you’re one of the millions of fans of Harry Potter that is out there today and you’re looking for Harry Potter Bedding. Let’s start from the beginning; Harry Potter is the main character in a seven series fantasy novel that hooked people from all around the world.

The date was June 30 1997, the author J.K Rowling released the first novel named Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, everyone was captivated by the story and many who read the 1st book become an instant fan.

From that point fanatic’s started collecting all things Harry Potter themed and many even wanted to design their bedroom’s using Harry Potter items and collectibles.

About The Bedding

The Bedding is one of the most collectible of all things Harry Potter. This bedding is unique for a variety of reasons. First being the amazing style and color it brings to a themed room. The comforter in each of the bed sets usually features big, bright, bold colors. These colors are one of the first things you tend to see when you walk into the room.

The style of these bed sets are also different than most because they all have different pattern layouts that lend to the theme of the stories in unique ways. Some have solid edge colors but some have symbols and smaller pictures around the edges.  Certain blankets and pillows have patterns that are really unlike any other found in bedding ensembles.

The next thing you will notice about Harry Potter bedding is the detailed graphics. The high attention to detail in these graphics will make your mind enter fantasy mode from the moment you see them. Each style features something different for example, one may have Harry Potter himself flying on a broom and some may have symbols, also in great detail, that relate to the movie.

All of the different bedding sets have their own benefits and your choice should reflect what you want the outcome of your room to look like. Make sure you choose the set that has the colors that best match your room; you wouldn’t want it to contrast all the other pieces.

Below is more information that will help you when choosing the proper Harry Potter Bedding for your room.

Capture the Mood with Your Bedding

If you want to capture the magical sense of Harry Potter in your own room, the right Harry Potter bedding is the most essential part. It will contribute to the magical transformation of your room. Most of the time it is the centerpiece and will help set the mood of your room the most.

Often many people find it hard to find and choose the correct design of bedding that fits exactly what they want their room to reflect.

In this next section I will provide some valuable tips on how to choose the correct bedding that will help you with your magical transformation. Read on…

How to Choose

Bedding is available in many different designs and styles; from simple to elegant there is something available for everyone. Below are some of the qualities that you should look for before purchasing.

Size- the size of your bedding is very important. What would be the use of stunning designs and great colors if it doesn’t fit your bed? The bigger the bed the chances are you will find larger pictures and more graphics from the different stories. Choosing the right size is important so that everything looks right when it’s fitted to your bed. A sheet that’s too small for the bed may distort the images.

Color- the color of your Harry Potter bedding should complement the color of your room. It’s very essential to match some of the color in the bedding to the color of the walls. For example, if your walls are blue in color it would be advised to get a set that contains that same shade of blue.

Another idea would be, if you have an image of Harry flying on a broom on the wall maybe you want the color of his coat to match the color of the comforter.

This will make the effect in your room stronger and more powerful. It will also help to pull things together, while making it all easy on the eyes.

Texture- when making a choice on what Harry Potter bedding is right for your room don’t just focus on the look and design but give attention to the texture as well. You should choose a texture that fits your taste and preferences. You don’t want to sleep in something that you won’t be comfortable in. Keep in mind that the printed graphics can sometimes change the feel so be sure to check that out.

Materials- you want to be sure that the sheets and blankets you choose are made from quality materials. When you buy quality materials you can be sure that they will not fade over time or be easily damaged under normal circumstances.

Price- although many fanatics are willing to spend a large sum of money to get the items that will complete their Harry Potter themed room; it is always wise to get a good price if you can.

Many manufacturers’ offer cost effective alternatives that will offer the same quality compared to the more expensive versions. This way you can get what you want and still keep some of your hard earned money right in your wallet.

Where Can I Get This Stuff?

• – This is probably one of the best places to find themed pillows, blankets, sheets and more. They also carry many other accessories that can really pull your themed room together.

• Favorite stores- Your favorite stores might be selling just the right Harry Potter bedding for you. You may not get the price you want but don’t always count out a local shop in this case.

 Internet- The web offers a wide range of choices and your chance of finding the best bedding is limitless. It is cost effective and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Harry Potter “A Look Back”

Additional Tips

All you have to do is be patient and consistent when searching for the right bedding and keep in mind what you think will contribute best to the magical transformation of your room. Finding Harry Potter bedding that will suit the appearance of your room is not necessarily that hard of a task.